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Colnago Ace - John_V - my-colnago-878.jpg
Colnago Ace - John_V - my-colnago-877.jpg
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May 8, 2012
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Manufacturer / Model
2012 Colnago Ace
Frame and Size
HM Carbon / 50 cm
Fork and Headset
Colnago Carbon Fork / FSA Carbon Headset
Handlebars / Stem / Grips
Deda RH Compact Handlebars w/Profile Design Strykeforce Aero Bars / Deda RH Stem / Zipp Bar Tape
Saddle / Seatpost
ISM Adamo Prologue Saddle / Deda RH Seatpost
Shimano 105 11-28 10 Speed
Ultegra 10 Speed
Crank Set / Bottom Bracket
Shimano 105 Black 10 Speed
Rear Derailleur
Shimano Ultegra
Front Derailleur
Shimano Ultegra
Shimano Ultegra
Shimano SPD-M520
Brakes / Brake Levers
Colnago X-Brake 3
Shimano R500
Continental 700x25 Ultra Gatorskins
Exceptionally smooth riding bike with quick handling response.

The photo was taken on they day I bought it. It has since had Profile Design's Air Stryke aero bars and an ISM Adamo Prologue saddle added.
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February 17, 2013  •  11:56 AM
Looks good!!!!
August 22, 2013  •  09:14 AM
Very nice!! I have the 2011 model and second your assessment. I changed wheels to campy Zonda's with Conti GP 4000s tires.
August 23, 2013  •  08:07 AM
@elviejo I still love this bike and have put over 10,000 miles on it since I got it last January. However, I now see where Colnago has changed the model name from Ace to AC-R and added more color schemes than the two that were offered for the Ace. They also changed the OEM wheelset and saddle and now the Ultegra version comes with full Ultegra rather than Ultegra/105 components.
August 24, 2013  •  06:18 PM
@John_V I suppose change is inevitable. None of their other bikes have "names" just alphanumeric identifications. I think my 54s is just a pinch small for me. They say it would correspond to a 58, but based on the actual geometry and top tube measurement, I think it would fall around a 57. My S-Works Tarmac is a 58 and feels bit bit roomier. But I still LOVE my Ace and ride it all the time. It was a small fraction of the price of the S-Works, though it is a couple of pounds heavier. Enjoy, John!!
November 5, 2013  •  01:02 PM
@John_V (and @elviejo, too), I purchased a new 2011 Ace just this past summer -- a few months ago from my LBS in an aggressive sale. Don't know any who have ridden it and found your comments in a search. I loved the bike through and through (54s frame -- I am 6' 1", 180) until a ride the other day. Had routinely been hitting 38 - 39 mph on the bike in descents. Experienced a floating feeling but nothing alarming or indicating a loss of control in any ride. Then hit my first speed wobble when hitting the low 40's. Seems you two ride flats but are you taking the bike over 40 mph and experiencing any death wobble issues? It's alarming and I've not yet rectified. But perhaps it was a fluke (the death wobble issue in general may never get resolved) and there is actually nothing to adjust or fix. Headed to my LBS soon but figured I'd ask regular users and lovers of the model.
November 10, 2013  •  07:15 AM
The fastest I have had my Ace is 35 mph going down some hills in North Central Florida. I did not notice any wobble at that time and that was when the bike was three months old. However, I have felt that floating feeling you mentioned while descending some of the steep bridges we have here. Since it doesn't happen very often and since the bridges are over large bodies of open water, I have attributed that to the wind conditions since it doesn't happen all the time. I would take it to your LBS and have them check the headset to make sure it's torqued properly.
November 11, 2013  •  08:27 PM
I ride a 54s (2011 model as well) and I'm 6'2" and 180, so basically your size. What happens with the speed wobble?? I know Pierre Roland rides well over that speed and seems to have no problems, but of course, he's not on an Ace (an M10, I believe). Did the LBS fit you for the bike appropriately?? When the wobble happens, are you in the drops or on the hoods??
November 12, 2013  •  08:17 AM
"When the wobble happens, are you in the drops or on the hoods??"

Good question! If you experienced that wobble while in the drops it is probably because there is less body weight over the front wheel. I guess I don't experience the wobble because I decent on the hoods or on an aerobar where most of my upper body weight is over the front wheel.
November 12, 2013  •  03:36 PM
Thanks for the replies. A quick video google search will reveal the sheer terror that is a speed, or death, wobble. And, yes, I was fitted by a quite reputable LBS. My one and only wobble occurred in the drops in the low 40s. As that's a descending, not a flatland, speed for me, I've simply not gone that fast since. Elviejo, we're just about the same size, so if you've routinely brought this bike up into the 40's, then the issue is all me. Which I truly believe it is. I also believe that to be the case as I have some trouble when rocking the bike at speed in a sprint out of the saddle. At around 25 mph, I tend to simply sit down to continue gaining speed as it feels less stable to pound on the pedals out of the saddle at speeds much over 25. Somewhat embarrassing to admit but my previous bike has been a 1980 steel Trek that I raced when I was 12 - 14. Never had a wobble on that and I know I hit 40 mph on many occasions on that bike. So I think this is more about me than the machine. It's simply about me adjusting to it. But if I encountered similar stories from similarly sized riders, I might have a different suspicion. Again, thanks for your time and thoughts.