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The rant thread

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Originally Posted by cwtch View Post
Complaining has never been my thing. No one likes a whiner. Here it goes regardless.

Bike Fit:
People pay a crap ton for it. It is in fact single most important thing about cycling. Why do I have an issue with it then ?
Because of the bs surrounding it. The universal formulas. The strings and plum bobs of it. The computer calculators and all the rest.
First things first there is no way to fit someone without feedback from them. This is because extreme performance and extreme comfort are exclusive from one another. Look at a pro roadie's bike
The rant thread - Off Topic There is no way having a saddle that far above your bars is a happy comfort zone for most any recreational rider. That right there is a speed and performance fit. Sure a pro spending 5-8 hours 5 days a week on their bike can get used to it but it is not comfortable.
My point is the "pro fitter" might not know where your saddle or stem should be. They need feedback. The rider needs know how to give that feedback and a computer program does not have all the comfort answers. A good fit is a starting place but a starting place only.
The last part of my rant is about the rider. You have to put time in the saddle or no fit/no saddle will be comfortable. My biggest gripe is when I set up a newbie and they head out and after their first 30 mile ride come back and want a softer saddle. Ugh, your arse hurts because your bike is not your sofa, which was the only place you used to ever put your bum, not because your saddle is bad. tm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_term=cycl ingweekly

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I believe that its people's freedom whether to wear or not wear a helmet but it makes me cringe when I see anyone without one.

I want to run them down, stop them, shake them by the shoulder, and say 'get yourself a frigging helmet!' It doesn't take much reading accident statistics or bike riding to start to realize how vulnerable you are.

I had a concussion once, it's disturbing to think how easily it can come about and what happens afterwards even with a relatively mild one.

Just yesterday had a close-call, and thought about this thread afterward while riding home, was glad that I was keeping an eye out and had a helmet, as it could have easily went a different way (a dickwad trying to pass a fast tractor towing equipment had plenty of time to see me but continued in my lane anyway, I got off the side as quickly as possible despite the shoulder roughness and the guy swerved over toward the tractor at the last second).


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+ buzzilion for reflexes and correct use of adjective describing the interloper....
I've lived on the edge long enough to have earned taking up a little extra space!
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That is a great starting point and really good info for anyone pondering bike fit.
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if I am on a "fixed" income then why am I broke?

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rant, gripe

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