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  • Posted in thread: guns on MUP on 06-27-2016 at 02:44 PM
    Over the years I have heard of several people being attacked on a trail. The Capital Trail (at
    least the part I rode while visiting my SIL) mostly ran along side the highway. If the trail
    has a histor...

  • Posted in thread: Pics from Our Rides on 06-27-2016 at 08:17 AM
    One of the schools we camped at, you can see one of the luggage trucks and the line of luggage
    in the parking lot that hasn't been picked up yet from riders that are still

  • Posted in thread: Pics from Our Rides on 06-27-2016 at 08:05 AM
    Here is a picture of my little purple tent I picked up for The Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure I
    did last week. I misplaced my tent and didn't check until just before I left so I rushed out
    and bought a ...

  • Posted in thread: Did you ride today? on 06-26-2016 at 04:48 AM
    I did 47.9 hilly miles this morning with over 1,600 feet of elevation gain and then drove 305
    miles home and grilled some steaks, watered the garden, and did a load of laundry.

  • Posted in thread: Post a photo you have taken. on 06-26-2016 at 04:41 AM
    Ok I have been on the Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure all week and just got home. Last night there
    were still two duffel bags that nobody picked up. I wonder where those riders

  • Posted in thread: What type of bike do you have? on 06-15-2016 at 08:43 PM
    jpg?oh=2fa3835782e07e5c14a26fbc15632706&oe=57CB3973I just washed and lubed my bike and put on
    some new ba...

  • Posted in thread: Pics from Our Rides on 06-15-2016 at 11:05 AM
    :eek: what I want to know is how does one practice a move like that without having nine lives
    :confused:That's what I was thinking, then I scrolled down and saw your comment.

  • Posted in thread: I hate riding my bike on 06-15-2016 at 11:01 AM
    Lol, I know how he feels. I did a week long ride a couple years ago with some good climbs. The
    longest, hardest climb of the week I arrived at the top and then realized I forgot to start
    Strava. It's ...

  • Posted in thread: Pics from Our Rides on 06-15-2016 at 01:49 AM
    ^^^^any wipeouts on your road, long? I'd be saddle puckeringI haven't yet. A few times I was
    holding my breath when I hit the loose gravel at the bottom of Skunk Hollow just before the
    bridge. I hate ...

  • Posted in thread: It's 5 oclock somewhere the Beer (and more) thread II on 06-15-2016 at 12:56 AM
    I didn't wait for 5 o'clock, I was running errands on my bike and I had to go to the bank, it's
    at the top of the hill right next to a really nice bar. I had a Dogfish Head Midas Touch, it's
    a herb/sp...