6 Folding Bikes you can take with you Wherever you Go

By TSAdmin · Mar 3, 2016 · ·
  1. TSAdmin
    So you want to ride a bike everywhere but there are just times when clunking around even the lightest bike just isn't going to work out.

    What do you do? Walk? You didn't get into cycling so you could be a pedestrian and you sure as hell didn't get into it to drive somewhere (Kidding. Love you car. Please don't break down.). You got into cycling so you could travel and see the world from a different perspective. At least that's how it started. Now it's an obsession you can't let go of losing friends, family, and other loved ones due to your need to spin. Kidding, I hope that's not happening.

    Today we're going to take a look at some folding bikes. What are the advantages? You can take it with you. Disadvantages? You're bound to your bike, but then that was going to happen anyways right? Although not traditionally made to go long distances and more popular in countries not the US you can take these bendable bikes on serious commutes.

    I present to you, the fine folks of TwoSpoke.com the folding bikes shared with us by members the world over.



    citizen folding bike


    Image courtesy of biketourings.com

    98 Dahon Mariner


    Citizen Tokyo


    2010 Dahon Vitesse



    1986 Dahon


    That's it for today's featured bikes. If you would like to see your bike featured in future articles please be sure to add them to our cycle registry!

    From everyone at TwoSpoke we wish you Happy Spinning!


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  1. jtnkkm
    I like this list. I've been looking for folding bikes of all kinds. What do you all think of this list? https://myprorides.com/folding-electric-bikes/ It's about electric bikes, and to be honest it's pretty crappy, I feel like they didn't include some of the major models. At least this one does
  2. Addmotor
    Not bad these Bikes. Convenient and light. Super bikes for the City. But have you ever considered to go electric? You should have a check on this website: www.addmotor.com there you will find an electric folding bike which simply looks awesome.
  3. tomatocity
    Liking the folding bikes for coffee shopping. Got a bunch of other bicycles and parts but do to health issues I need to downsize. Like the lines of the Citizen Toyko.
  4. danaherd2
    How about the super sweet Tikit from Bike Friday in Eugene, Oregon. 16" wheels and the fastest folding bike when upgraded with Hyper Fold option. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQscBxx7wLE but not as small as Brompton when folded. http://www.anatolyivanov.com/prose/en/AI.7.00109/ The Tikit comes in three sizes thus it may fit better than the one size fits-all Brompton.
  5. frankhartwig
    Dahon and Schwiin are definitely my 2 favorite brands on folding bikes. Schwiin is more affordable while Dahon is more on average high price range. I'd love to give it a try with Citizen. It's hard to stop my addiction to folding bikes :D
    1. Ekdog
      I absolutely adore my Brompton because it's so easy to fold, folds smaller than other folders and is high quality. I had nothing but problems with my Dahon, and when I needed to repair the damned thing, it took months for me to get the parts required. It's now sitting in a heap in my garage with a cracked framed.