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    Company Website - www.sram.com
    Manufacturer - SRAM

    To this day, the BB7 continues to attract all types of riders who crave the simplicity and elegant function of the worlds best cable-actuated brake. Its more powerful and is easier to set up than any mechanical disc ... ever. Details including the dual-pad adjustment knobs, easy pad replacement, precision ball bearing actuation, and infinitely variable spring tension details ... mean control like youve never felt before. Plus, using any of our Ball Bearing Disc BrakesTM means that you can choose one of our levers with Speed Dial for sweet, adjustable modulation. Isnt the freedom of choice swell? our Speed Dial levers for sweet, adjustable modulation. You cant get that on any hydraulic. Last but not least, this year we gave the BB7 a tasty new finish, new inboard/outboard adjustment knobs and a beefy two-piece, forged body.​

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  1. HillDancer
    The BB7 offers easy set & forget adjustment. No need for repeated centering like rim brake calipers. adjusting for pad wear is as simple as turning a knob one click.

    I use BB7s on a road bike; matching rotors & pads for use will provide optimum performance. For flatland riding, small size rotors like 160mm front & 140mm rear are adequate, though when the roads get steep, the corners technical, and/or prolonged braking is required, larger rotors are a must to prevent pad glazing and resulting fade. I currently use 200mm front & 180mm rear for improved heat tolerance and superb modulation near the lock-up threshold.

    Pad matching is equally important, for rainy day users the stock medal pads are the best, with a minor noise penalty. For mostly dry conditions, the organics offer great performance and low noise. Having tried many pad types, I much prefer Swiss Stop Four Seasons pad, which is the virtual kitchen sink of compounds; no noise, terrific feel, elevated heat tolerance, and no bite lag when wet.

    BB7 rotors & adapter mounts are now offered in standard sizes like 140,160,180, and 200mm. I much prefer the beefy Avid G2 rotor over the HS1, or other wispy aftermarket rotors.

    Price Payed: $55.00 Recommended? Yes Pros: Precise modulation at the limit of tire adhesion. Simple adjustment for pad wear. Cons: None Synopsis: For steep, fast descents, the BB7 road caliper combined with appropriate rotors and pads is an outstanding performer.
  2. plener
    see above--i certainly would not design a bike with them Price Payed: $50.00 Recommended? No Pros: none that i know off Cons: loots of sqeeking difficult to adjust as there is very little space for adjustment between rotor and brake pads--rotor has to be perfectly straight--so if you really use your bike like i do--5 broken bones in 2 years your rotor will be bent--just impossible to remove and replace then the bols must have some incredible locking compound that necessitates actually drilling them out--not worth the trouble--covers came off and impossible to replace them i dont think they are available Synopsis:
  3. cwtrials
    I use this in the 203mm version on the front of my trials bike. Fully capable of completely locking the front wheel on bunnyhops to front. (I.e. bunnyhoping onto a ledge and landing solely on the front wheel with it locked). If used with one of the adjustable leverage avid brake levers like the SD7 it is as or more powerful than any other brake on the market: hydraulic, disc, rim, whatever. If said lever is used you can also set it up to be a little more modulation minded for XC riding etc.

    There is a reason this has become the disc brake of choice for bike trials riders.

    It is extremely easy to adjust. The pads can be adjusted without a tool. I would recommend it. You can find them online fairly cheap. Price Payed: $50.00 Recommended? Yes Pros: Extremely powerful Easy to adjust Cons: none Synopsis:
  4. CTD50
    The BB7 is, dollar for dollar, the best brake I've ever experienced! The simple and economical addition of ceramic pads and XTR cables make this a system that is flawless!

    Tool-free pad adjustment is a major plus in its design; easy and even. I've used ProMax and Hayes, and neither brand has the power, coupled with modulation, of the Avid. (The 203mm size has put this clyde over the bar!)

    It would be nice if the mid-sized BB7 came in 180 instead of 185, and was cross-compatible with other premium brands (Hope, Magura, etc.). Price Payed: $51.00 Recommended? Yes Pros: ease of adjustment, power, simplicity, reliability Cons: 185mm size is nearly 100% proprietary Synopsis: