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By TxCyclist · Jan 10, 2012 · ·
  1. TxCyclist

    We were recently sent Squirt Long lasting Dry Lubricant manufactured by Bikinvention. It’s a chain lube that cuts down on chain suck, helps improve shifting and generally reduces friction. Most of us commute on bikes, an average of a couple of miles each day each way. So Thursday of last week we all applied it to our chains.


    Apply to a dry chain. If there is any debris brush it off as opposed to wiping (we used an old paint brush). It’s important to keep the chain dry during application. It a wax/hydro emulsion so any water on your chain and Squirt drips right off, but if properly applied it stays in place. Make sure to spin the crank while applying allowing for an even coating. Allow a few minutes to dry and your ready for the road. If you over apply its ok don’t try to brush it out. It dries into a wax like consistency, which flakes off as you ride.



    We road tested it on our commute and the difference is immediate and surprising. I guess I didn’t realize how much friction I had been experiencing due to chain suck, but Squirt made that apparent. It also allowed me to shift much easier without that horrible grinding noise. We all used it and the results were conclusive. This lube actually works. With most lubes you pick up a lot of road dirt and that can be counter productive when trying to eliminate friction, but Squirt due to its wax/hydro emulsion stayed amazingly clean even after days of cycling on the streets.




    We love it. It will be replacing our tiny cans of WD40. Having a smoother ride makes all the difference, and at $10 a bottle it well worth the expense. We lubed three chains and have enough to continue doing so for some time to come. This is a product worth carrying. We suggest putting it in your pack with your extra tubes.

    Squirt Lube, USA
    (970) 376-1244
    P.O. Box 3055
    Eagle, Colorado 81631

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  1. Green
    I have been using this lube for a long time, it is wonderful stuff. I carry a small 3oz bottle with me, on the rig, every where I go. I give it two thumbs up, great stuff, highly recommended!
  2. StockGuy
    I really wanted to buy this dry wax bike lube product based on a great review. I could not find a place to buy it online. The links to buy online led me to a dead end, where the product was not even listed. Help!!