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    Change your music or make that critical phone call (NOT while riding of course!) without taking off your gloves-WireTap technology makes these gloves touchscreen-friendly. Plus, Body Geometry Gel padding on the grip and heel provides max comfort and coverage with minimal fatigue.Glove Sizing ChartTouch screen compatibleBody Geometry Gel technology reduces hand numbness by relieving pressure on the sensitive ulnar nerveSoft Body Geometry Gel foam padding across other palm pressure zones provides additional hand comfortReinforced Micromatrix synthetic leather palm is supple and durableSoft, absorbent Microwipe thumb for brushing away sweatMicro-width Velcro closure for comfort and unrestricted wrist movement​

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  1. rynoman03
    I had some buyers remorse when I bought these. I tried them on at my local LBS and broke the plastic holding them on to the cardboard hanger. I loved the way the felt but not the price. I kind of felt obligated to buy them even though the LBS guy said not to worry about it.

    Got home and went for a ride a few hours later. These are primarily "Summer" gloves. I rode in 45-50* weather and my hands stayed plenty warm with these gloves.

    I put in a 20-25 mile ride and really broke these gloves in. They stick to the handlebars really well. The gel pads really protect your hands and keep them from cramping or aching. The added "Microwipe" feature between your index finger and thumb is an added bonus as well. It really came in handy as it was a bit nippy and my nose was a little runny.

    In the end I do not regret spending the $40.00 I spent on these gloves. I have short stumpy fingers and wide hands. They really fit my hand well in the size XL.

    Don't let the price scare you away these gloves are Awesome! Price Payed: $40.00 Recommended? Yes Pros: Great Snug Fit, Microwipe, Gel Grip, Touch Screen Compatable. Cons: A little pricey. Synopsis: Great glove