Optic Nerve Omnium Sunglasses

By rynoman03 · Dec 4, 2012 · ·
  1. rynoman03

    Company Website - www.opticnerve.com
    Manufacturer - Optic Nerve

    At just a hair over 3.5 ounces, you'll forget the Omnium is on your face. Featherlight and minimalist in design, the Omniumis quickly proving to be a heavyweight favorite. Photomatic lens acts like the Thermos of eyewear, knowing when to darken or lighten to adjust to changing light conditions on those early morning training runs. Tactilite dual-injected adjustable bridge rest and temples allow these shades to go the distance.
    2 Frame/Lens color combos: Shiny Black/Photomatic Brown to Brown; Shiny Carbon/Photomatic Rose to Smoke.
    Optimum Uses:ExtremeOptimum Face Shape: Average​

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  1. rynoman03
    Great pair of medium budget cycling sunglasses. Interchangeable lenses to suit your tastes wants. Lightweight design makes you forget your even wearing a pair of shades. The adjustable nose piece allows you to get the best fit possible with a pair of sunglasses. The photomatic lenses are a huge plus too when riding through shaded areas.However I feel that when I want to change the lenses I will brake the frames before the lenses come out. They are very snug and don't like to come out easy. Yes that's a good thing so your lenses don't pop out while riding but a pain in the rear when you want to changes lenses.Altogether I love these shades. Once I get the nose piece adj correctly to my nose i'm sure they won't slip any longer and I will like them even more Price Payed: $30.00 Recommended? Yes Pros: Light Weight, Stylish, Great Fitting, Adjustable Nose Piece, Photomatic. Cons: Hard To Change Lenses Synopsis: Great Medium Budget Cycling Sunglasses w\ Interchangeable Lens