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    1. Farrowlane
      Dear Dean,

      In order to drum up greater membership, the solution is quite simple.

      Change the name and change the format. Go strictly for TOURING!!!

      How's About--> "World Spokes" ?

      There are no bike forums geared primarily for Touring and distance Treking.
      Attention could be focused upon touring framed bikes, gear, camp sites, life-style of tourers while on the road, fenders, panniers, racks, different countries, cultures, different bike-laws in other countries, flight considerations for packing bikes, folding bikes, how to convert various bikes to touring bikes. Bike repair on the road, tools, Credit card touring methods, Do's and Don'ts, etc....


      Supplement financial support by charging for vintage and new age bike decals. Decals that have either been copied meticulously from old vintage tradition brand names or print new and catchy ones, that would cater to the collegiates or the yuppy crowd.
    2. Farrowlane
      Dear Dean,
      I posted a reply in the Road Bike division entitled "Am I the Only One" and I tried to delete it. I couldn't delete it. We now have 2 entries.

      Could you delete it for me please?

      Thank you


      It's the entry that says, "Deleted"...
    3. Xterrain
      Dean, could you add under 'manufacturers' the Iron Horse brand? I love mine and I know there is a HUGE following of their bikes, even if they are in the midst of Chapter 11. RS is still selling off their warehouse full at steal-deal pricing. Anyhow, that'd be cool man. BTW, I saved the decal for my new truck...finally got it and now have been rocking it proudly since July! Is there any way to get more to throw on the downtubes of my bikes?
    4. gatorguy
      Glad you added the vintage forum. Would you move my matsu****a ;) post to it?

    5. pinkgirl
      Hi Dean,
      I joined today and went to the new member section and I can't seem to find my post introducing myself. The 1st link on clicked on said the thread was full so maybe it's somewhere else. Can you help? Thanks :)
    6. HippieCommuter
      Hey just a friendly question, where can i view how many over all posts i have?
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