1936 Columbia

  • Got this old fellow in 1951, when I was 11 years old. I traded the single speed coaster for a 2 speed that was missing parts. Made a shift knuckle part for it and rode it several years.
    When I left home, my two younger brothers took turns using and abusing it. Someone managed to lose the shift knuckle, and they toggled up something that would have made Rube Goldberg proud.
    I got it back in 2008 and restored it, adapted a Shimano 333 knuckle, made a shift cable, recovered the seat, put on new fenders and tires, found a NOS chain, etc. No attempt to stay original, as it was way too late for that when I got it.
    Got to be somewhere between 45 and 50 pounds.[​IMG]
    I ride it on the MUP occasionally, just for kicks. NOT my first choice if I need to get somewhere.
    I do like that seat!


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