• I recently picked up this bike from a lady in the next county who put it up on Craigslist. She was asking $10 for it. All I really wanted was the seat for my girlfriend and from the grainy pics it looked a lot more comfortable than the seat she currently has. I figured it would be a rusted, scratched, dented, non-working, dry rotted old worn out bike that I could scavenge a cheap seat off of and hey, for 10 bucks, how could I go wrong? So I go to pick it up and lo and behold what do I have? Nothing less than one of the nicest all original examples of a mid 70's Panasonic Tourist 3 speed. It only needs a rear reflector lens, the original one is cracked. The paint is great, the pedals perfect, the tires aren't cracked and hold air. It even has a 70's era bell on the neck.
    yeah, for 10 bucks... I'll get some actual pics up soon.


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