1985 Panasonic Team

  • When it was new, the basic Team model fit into the lineup below the
    DX-4000 model and sort of on par with the DX-3000 if not somewhere
    between the 3000 and 4000 models. The bike has Tange 2 tubing and had a
    bit of a mix and match of Shimano, Sugino, and other parts. I seem to
    remember mine being roughly $330 when new in the autumn of 1985.

    The bicycle pictured below belongs to me… and (believe it or not) it
    is not the same bike I owned back in 1985. I just found and purchased
    this bike during May of 2008 to add to my collection. As it turned out,
    the very same place that had sold my original Team back in 1985 had
    three left over at the end of that year. They were merely frames and
    forks though and they sat around collecting dust for a while. Sometime
    during 1987, the mechanic at the shop built this bike up using all
    Shimano 600 EX components with the exception of downtube shifters which
    are Shimano 105.


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