1986 Team Japan #2

  • The 1986 Team Japan is a rare bicycle by any standards, and we're lucky
    enough to have acquired our second example for the collection. If you
    are familiar with the Team Japan then you know that the frame was
    constructed with Columbus SL/SP tubes and that it was equipped with
    Suntour Superbe Pro components. This example is a bit different. It has a
    Suntour Superbe Pro headset as well as hubs but the rest of the
    components have been changed to either Shimano Sante or Shimano 600. At
    first I wasn't sure how I would like that but upon riding it, I must say
    the result is quite nice. I love how these Columbus tubed Panasonics
    ride, and the addition of classic reliable Shimano components really
    works well here. Added bonus that Shimano Sante was used for many of the

    * UPDATE: I sold this bicycle to a new owner in California during 2012. Probably should have kept it for myself but the new owner seems like a great guy and I am sure he'll enjoy it just as much as I would.


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