• The DX-5000 featured Tange Prestige tubing (on three main tubes only I
    believe) and a full Shimano 600 Ultegra component group. The result was a
    great riding, lightweight, and excellent value in a road bike. The ’88
    DX-5000 used Tange Prestige tubing while the ’89 DX-6000 used Tange 1
    tubing which makes the older DX-5000 arguably the “better” bicycle of
    the two although the difference is quite small.

    It should be noted that the DX-5000 was not the best Panasonic bicycle
    built for 1988 even though it was the top DX model that year. The Team
    America, and Team Time Trial models were all higher spec bikes than the
    DX 5000.

    I am the original owner of the bike pictured above. The bike was
    purchased on July 20th, 1988 from Lakeside Cyclery in Clear Lake, Iowa. I
    paid $585 ($608.40 out the door with tax) for it back then.

    I rode this bike a lot and took great care in trying to maintain it to
    the highest level. The same bike shop has looked after it all these
    years… even the same mechanic! The only thing that isn’t original to
    this bike as pictured would be the saddle (Super Turbo swapped in place
    of the original Mundialita), Sun Mistral wheels (Ukai were original but
    were replaced under a warranty/recall of sorts back in the day because
    they would make a clicking noise while riding), pedals are Look
    Competition ’88 (although I have the original 600 toe clip pedals), bar
    tape (obviously… original was thin yellow ribbon tape) and the tires
    (Panaracers were original)

    See it here: http://panasonicbikemuseum.info/archives/11


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