1989 Panasonic Phileppe Lauraire PICS Team

  • Unique Panasonic with numerous unique features. For starters, the name on
    the top tube is Phileppe Lauraire. If you aren\'t old enough to
    remember the 1980\'s and pro cyclists back then, he was a domestique for
    1987 Tour De France winner Stephen Roche on Team Fagor and rode in the
    Tour three times. I was able to track down Philippe Lauraire and he did indeed confirm that he once owned this bike while racing in the U.S.

    Other odd traits include internally routed shift cables which are a
    first for me. I\'ve never seen that on other Panasonics to date. The
    bike also has many extra Panasonic and Shimano decals which do make me
    wonder about the history. The head tube badge is a PICS label rather
    than the Panasonic label which is also strange.


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