1989 Panasonic PICS Team Custom "Naper Cycle"

  • I was fortune enough to acquire this rare new old stock '89 PICS Team Custom frame and fork. It had been found in a storage barn in German Valley, IL and had belonged to the owner of Naperville Cyclery in Naperville, IL before the shop went out of business in the early nineties. When the shop closed, the owner had apparently stashed some of his remaining inventory in storage where it sat until the spring of 2012.Since I didn't have any Sante equipped bikes in my permanent collection I decided that a new old stock Sante build would be just right for this unique old frame and fork. It took a great deal of hunting to assemble the parts with 98% of them being new old stock. (The rims, brake calipers and down tube shifters were the only lightly used parts.) Melvin will likely see one part of the bike that came to me from the Netherlands as well.*The shifters aren't yet hooked up since I need to get some cable liners to protect the bottom bracket shell first. The cables in the photos are decoys.


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