2011 Motobecane Mirage Sport

  • I\'ve had this all season, but didn\'t take any pics till just recently. Nothing special, my first roadie so I didn\'t want to go too nuts spending a bunch of money on one. I\'ve been very happy with it so far; it rides/shifts well, and was cheap enough. I just wanted a quick easy way to dip my toe into road cycling and this suits that purpose perfectly.

    It\'s heavy, but I figure when I upgrade to a higher end bike the difference will just be that much more dramatic. I\'ll probably stick with this one for a while though.

    2.7.2015: Finally upgraded to a carbon bike, but I have no reason to get rid of this one. I\'ll keep it around to use on the rollers, as a loaner for guests, or if I\'m nervous about traveling with the new one for any reason. Still have never had a problem with it, been a good bike.


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