2013 Gravity G29 SS

  • Bought this from bikesdirect.com as a complete rigid SS for $349.99 shipped back in March or April,just to get a complete mtn bike going again,swapped almost all of the cheap* (note that I didn\'t say \"inexpensive\" ;) ) components off for mid-range/upper end bits that I had on the shelf (which was my intention from the beginning). I had intended this to BE my mtn bike for 2013,but even with my trusted old smooth air sprung friend up front (Manitou Drake ;) ),the basic/budget aluminum frame was a bit too harsh of a ride for my old spinal injuries on technical singletrack,so I began looking for a deal on a new steel frame,after I found one,I put most of the stock bits back on this frame and sold it on eBay.

    Apologies,this sounds like a mini-review,but...
    *Note,I would not hesitate to buy another one of these off Mike (bikesdirect.com) IF I needed a bike to ride,and I recommend them to someone new,or with very low budget to work with (like I was earlier this year,LOL),with the understanding that I can say from experience that it will hold up to regular trail use,expect to have more maintenance required than a nicer/more expensive bike (for eg,even a Redline Monocog,which I\'ve had and LOVED a couple of),parts will wear out quicker than a more expensive bike\'s will,etc,etc,etc. It\'s a very inexpensive rigid aluminum SS bike with lots of name brand parts sprinkled on it (albeit each manufacturer\'s lowest offerings,but still name brand),it\'s selling point is it\'s price. It IS a step up from your avereage dept store bike,and in this life-long-mtn biker\'s opinion,worth it\'s price,and worthy of minor (not expensive or high end-but if that\'s your thing,have at it :) ) upgrades as parts wear out.


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