2014 Kestrel Talon

  • Finally upgraded from my trusty old Motobecane. Was planning on waiting another season or two, but I had been interested in this one at full price, and when it went on closeout I couldn\'t resist.

    I won\'t be riding it until the spring thaw, but for now it looks cool in the corner of the living room...

    Edit, 4.17.2015:
    Didn\'t even give the stock saddle a chance, I could tell even before riding that it wasn\'t going to be right for me. I swapped it for a Fizik which seems to have been a good choice. The first ride was very impressive! Made the trusty old Moto feel like a tank. It\'s amazing what a difference a few pounds makes. Rode really smooth and stable; there must be more caster in the front end of this one because it tracked nice and straight with little effort. The Moto seems almost wobbly in comparison. I\'ll have to look at them side by side out of curiosity.

    Online reviews had me concerned with the gearing as far as climbing, but I thought it was fine. Maybe it was the lighter weight coming into play.


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