2016 Diamondback Catch 1

  • Our Catch mountain bikes look forward to the future of biking while keeping the adventurous spirit of the sport\'s pioneers alive. The Catch One takes our new Level Link suspension platform to that proverbial \"next level\" by utilizing the new 27.5 Plus wheel standard. With three-inch wide tires running at low pressure, this bike serves up more grip than has ever been possible with traditional tires.The aluminum frame features formed tubes for reliable durability and light weight. The geometry is in line with the adventurous focus of the bike, featuring a slack-but-not-too-slack front end and the samebest-pedaling Diamondback ever Level Link rear configuration. 130mm of travel front and rear works with the high-volume tires to deliver traction everywhere: on soft surfaces, loose dirt, technical rocks and roots, really anywhere you decide to explore. ASRAM2-10 drivetrain has a gear for any route, and their DB3 hydraulic brakes keep everything under control.From the very beginning, mountain bikers have pushed technology. With our Level Link suspension and 27.5 Plus (or Boost-compatible 29er) wheels, the Catch One carries on this evolution. For riders who want to go further, this bike is a perfect vehicle.


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