'88 Diamond Back Formula One

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    Basically a BMX bike with flat bars, a raked stance, and a six speed gearset. It was originally made to compete in the BMX F1 series, which never took off. The Haro Dart, Schwinn Qualifier, and Hutch GP-1 were the other contenders. The timing was all wrong though; mountain bikes were beginning to show up on the scene and quickly stole any thunder the series might have had.

    I had one brand new when I was 11, and it was like having a Porsche. Definitely the coolest (and fastest) bike in the neighborhood. I wrecked it when I was 14; hit a low wall alongside a loading dock and bent the fork, also sprained both of my wrists when I landed and had to carry the bike nearly two miles home. After that, it sat in my parents' shed for 18 years since I was never able to find a replacement fork.

    I finally found a parts bike on ebay in 2009 and used the best pieces from both to put this one together. I didn't have the chain on yet in these pics, but it's a runner now. That first ride after all those years was awesome!


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