• This bike was bought new in 2010 and weighed 27 pounds. It was avery good riding bike with excelent handling. I was in a hit and run accident on April 6th 2012. I was nearly killed, with multiple injuries, a hyper extended right shoulder and elbow. three fractures of the C2 cervical vertebrae, and internal injures.
    The back wheel was struck which flipped me and the bike and we were catapulted into the back of ablaze that was waiting for the light to turn. I impacted the blazer with my right shoulder and the right side of my helmet above the eye.The only witness was the woman who struck me, and who left the scene. The only damage to the bike was the back wheel and the right leg of the fork was broken. I had two goals, # 1 to ride again # 2 to rebuild the bike so as to make it an overwhelming desire to ride it again. I have ridden it seven times in a park but doubt I will ever ride on the road again. The bike now weighs seventeen pounds with slightly longer wheel base than stock, the only parts reused were the frame and headset. It has surpassed all expectations as to the speedsters ride ability. As the Guys at the bike shop that assembled the bike it is a sweet ride.


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