EZip Mountain Trailz Base Model (2008)

  • The EZips are 24v electrics. The motor is a 24v, with 450w (output), equal to 3/5 hp. 750w is the output of 1 hp. Power is supplied by 2 - 10ah SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) batteries, heavy and inefficient, their redeeming feature is affordability! "Assisted" range is rated at 15 miles (optimistic!).

    The EZips are designed as EABikes (Electric Assist Bikes). Most notable is price, They have been available in the $300 range. That is between 1/3 and 1/8 the cost of other makes! Ideal as a starter EABike, it will introduce you to the genre and help you learn exactly what you will want in a more expensive model.

    I'm afraid I got carried away, developing upgrades & improvements, double the speed, 5 times the range etc.

    [​IMG] EZip Engineering 101 [​IMG]


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