Gary Fisher 1998 Aquila (1x9)

  • This bike is my Rain / Snow Crapper Bike.....AKA. Facebook Bike.
    I didn't have a lot of funds, but needed a Rain / Snow Crapper Bike, because I baby my Cross Bike and Road Bike. So, I put a message on Facebook asking for second-hand parts to build a bike. From facebook friends I got the following donations:
    Frame, headset, forks, two wheels, tires and tubes, handlebar, stem, saddle, cranks, pedals, chain, seatpost, deraileur, cassette, front shifter, cables, water bottle holder, clip on mud guards
    Unfortunately a seatpost was "fused" in the frame and I tried many methods to remove it (except coke cola + mentos) and failed. I was about to give up but then I remembered a small MTB bike shop which does many repairs, opposed to just replacing. I went to him and he did the old cut down screw in method and got it out. He charged $30, but I was actually glad to pay as that's cheaper than buying a frame.
    I had to buy grips, a BB, brakes, seat-post clamp, some inner wire and paint. All up it cost about $160 to build which included Starbucks coffees for my Facebook Donation Friends.
    I'm tickled pink.


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