Ghent Cruisers Motorized Bike

  • First production level bordie. This is a "Ghent Cruiser"!
    It is a 1920’s era board tracker inspired cruiser. It’s Low, skinny, and quick. It has a vintage style with modern components and great reliability. I ride it to work almost every week.

    Bike includes the following:

    * Cimatti Tank
    * Headlight and tail light.
    * Board Track Seat Post
    * Bi-pod Kickstand
    * 2-stroke 66cc SkyHawk Motor.
    * Motor comes with a warranty
    * Internal Wiring
    * Welded motor mounts and tensioner mount
    * Blue Powder coated
    * 36 tooth rear sprocket for top speed
    * NGK plugs and upgraded plug wires


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