LHT Sweetness

  • This has become the best Touring commuter I have ever built, and one of the best bikes I have ever built.
    It is rugged and tough, built for distance and heavy loads. It also is redundant and reconfigurable in almost every ergonomic detail making long tours all that much easier.
    This is my first bike equipped with AC lighting and I can scarcely even fathom having battery lights ever again, every bike I build from here on out will have an AC dynamo.
    I purchased a Revolution trailer and full packs, panniers and trunk pack and I love the revolution trailer so much that I hardly ever remove it.
    This bike already has over 2000 miles on it and is ridden almost daily 15 to 30 miles depending on time and errands to be run.

    I plan on a Rohloff upgrade in a year or so, for added simplicity and reliability.
    Still not sure though, I may opt for a NuVinci instead. %360 gain for the Nuvinci %500 gain plus for Rohloff, decisions, decisions.

    Then again I may just throw caution to the wind and buy a Silkroad or a Panamericana..... Hell, who am I kidding?


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