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    I thought it was time to review the Lynskey Peloton I got about 3 weeks ago and put on 329 miles in that time frame. I purchased the Lynskey indirectly though Adrenalin Bikes from Matthew (who is a fantastic sales person) because Adrenalin allowed me to swap components that Lynskey could not do, and they didn't charge for the pro build that Lynskey would have. The price I listed as MSRP includes my upgrades, without any upgrades the MSRP at Lynskey or Adrenalin is 2,399.

    I did a lot of research on titanium bikes before I made my final decision with getting the Lynskey Peloton, weighing out a Motobecane and a Habanero, the Lynskey was the best deal between getting a American made frame (which the other two were not) and components, the cost is lower then the Habanero but higher then the Motobecane, but the Motobecane had weird parts and no way to swap parts, but it is the lowest costing titanium bike on the market. Also another reason I chose this model over the others, is because the frame and fork will accept up to a 700x28c tire, all the others will accept nothing larger then a 25c.

    The Peloton comes equipped with the Shimano 105 package, you can read the details at the Lynskey site I gave. The alterations I made was to replace the fork with the Enve 2.0 that cost $300 more; for $80 more I had a Cane Creek 110 headset installed instead of the FSA; for $70 more I went with the Shimano R500 silver rims with a slightly deeper profile then the R500 black series that came with it;, for $30 more swapped the 105 rear derailleur for the Ultegra; and then got a set of Speedplay Frog pedals (I like to ride places then get off and walk around a bit). I also bought a couple of accessories from Adrenalin, a Lezyne medium size Road Drive pump in silver, two Lezyne Alloy water bottle cages, and a large Topeak Aero seat wedge bag.

    The bike came will protected, it took me longer to remove the bubble wrapping then it did to assemble the bike!

    Immediately upon riding the bike I felt a very comfortable on the bike, and as the miles rode on I quickly discovered that this bike was the most comfortable bike I've ever owned (all my current bikes are steel, one I no longer have was aluminum and it was the worst riding), and more comfortable then any aluminum or carbon fiber bike I test rode before going the titanium route, being 60 years old I wanted to be more comfortable.

    The bike is very stable, light and responsive. I had not problems riding for a couple of miles with no hands the first time on it. It surges under you when hammering up hills, and takes sharp turns with a high degree of confidence. All in all, this is a extremely good deal on a American made custom built titanium bike, it's not the lightest of the Lynskey models because it uses straight gauge titanium instead of double butted, but it is the least expensive, and since I'm not racing this 17.5 pound bike is fine for me. It's also easy to care for, I simply wipe it down with Windex to get crud off then wipe it down again with WD40 which will dry in about 6 hours and it shines like polished wax was applied, no more spending an hour waxing and polishing my painted bikes. Also because the way the finish is on the TI frame all you have to do if you get a scratch is to take a Scotch Brite pad and rub in the direction of the grain and the scratch will either be gone or reduced yet leave the grain intact.

    The 105 components are fine components, they cost far less to replace when the time comes then Ultegra or especially Dura Ace. The Shimano 105 R500 silver wheels are great wheels, not the lightest on the market, they weigh about 1800 grams, but they are very sturdy and were designed with city street riding in mind; so far their perfectly trued after banging around on the rough roads where I live; there is no need for lighter wheels unless you're going to be racing.

    If you go to the web site they do make two other frames in the Silver Series, one is an a bit more aggressive racing geometry then the Peloton, and the other is a relaxed touring geometry with light touring in mind (Wound Up does make a cross CF fork that has holes for installing fenders, the Lynskey fork that comes with it does not), the Peloton is in the middle of those two as far as geometry goes.

    If you're looking for an American made custom built titanium frame without breaking the bank, the Lynskey Silver Series is a great bike.

    I am a member on this forum, if anyone has any further question please PM me and I will gladly answer any questions as soon as I can.


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