Mercier Kilo TT "Stripper"

  • A.K.A: My fixed gear curiosity getting the best of me.

    This is what happens when you go on after a few beers. Was looking for a road bike, then started poking around and saw this. I thought the idea of a "raw" frame (clearcoat only) was just the coolest thing ever. I ended up buying two bikes that night.[​IMG]
    I had never ridden a fixie, don't know anyone who has one, so why not buy my own? I almost got bucked off it on my first ride when I stood up to adjust my position on the seat and forgot I can't coast. It's fun though, I'm looking forward to developing a good appreciation for riding fixed.

    All stock except for the pedals right now, but I'll definitely be making changes over time. Oh, and I peeled the stickers off. All three of them.

    EDIT: Made a few of those changes I was talking about, pics updated. More to come...


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