My first road bike

  • I just picked up cycling a month or so ago, I originally purchased a 2010 Trek 820. I did not go to dirt trails very much and if I was just going to use it on the street might as well get a road bike. So I went back to me LBS and they let me upgrade to the Trek 1.2, it was the most awkward thing I have ever been on. But after going on my first ride with it I loved it. I have done several 20 miles rides and last night I decided I was going to push myself a bit. I did a 32 mile loop, average speed of 13 mph I am guessing about 18 with wind and 11 or so on the return trip into the wind ( I did not plan this too well.) I love just being out on my bike, alone time is always nice. Well I am always open to learning new things so any advice you can offer a noob is greatly appreciated.



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