My First Roadbike!

  • The bike that has me looking for more!
    I've been collecting bicycle parts all summer trying to make a few bikes so I can make a few bucks. The whole point is to spend nothing, but with that being said, it's a very slow process! I'm one rear rim away from having a completed bicycle.
    Now this bike I picked up just like the others. It was out at the end of somebody's driveway with the rest of their garbage just begging to be saved. And this just wasn't half, or three quarters of a bike, no it was the whole thing! So I stopped and slapped it on the back of the car. Once I got it home I saw that it had been neglected for quite a while. Lots of dust and cobwebs, one of the plastic gear shifters was broken off, paint is chipped, handlebar wrapping is in need of some attention, chain was extremely sloppy and I just didn't know if it was even rideable. So I went to work. The original Simplex derailleur at the rear was no longer doing it's job, it wouldn't spring back so once the derailleur was pulled in, it wouldn't spring back out (or the other way around). So I put on a different one, problem solved. Adjusted it so it covered all 5 gears and moved onto cleaning the bike. Surprisingly to me, the brakes worked fantastic! After getting the bike looking good I decided I should attempt riding it. I hadn't rode a bike like this since my father's Peugot! That thing was not easy to operate, especially when growing up on Mountain and Cruiser bikes. So I took it out. It pedals great, and feels like it moves with agility, however I quickly stopped riding because it became apparent that even though the rims were bent just a little, that translates to a lot of instability! So as of now, the rims are off being straightened, and I look forward to actually getting this bike on the road. I think it's going to be the beginning of a wonderful love for bikes. I'm mechanically inclined when it comes to cars, so working on bikes isn't too much of a stretch, it's just requires a lot more finer adjustments.


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