New to 2 Spokes

  • Hi,

    I started riding again last spring after I realized I was losing range of motion in my legs. I started riding a long wheelbase 20'' that I bought on at a garage sale. I was riding about 7 miles a day. My wife started riding with me on a mountian bike that I pulled from the trash. Her bike blew a tire, so off to the LBS we went. She bought a new Haro Heartland and really enjoys it. I couldn't keep up with her and all of those gears, so in October I bought a new Giant Sedona.

    I'm almost 61 and still a Clyde. My goal is average 50 miles a week, so far, I exceeding it. The only change to the Sedona was to replace the seat post with a modified one that allowed the seat to be mounted about 2 inches more rearward.

    The other photo is of a 12" sidecar rig that I'm building for my new grandson. I've extended the frame 5 ". The fenders and tub are made from .063" aluminum. It is a work in process. It might be the only bicycle / sidecar combination on the block.



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