Rockman Slate II Trials Bike

  • So this is my new Crazy amazing trials bike. Big thanks to Trialspads for helping me build it up!!

    It weighs in at 22.1 lbs with the following dimensions:
    Wheelbase: 1097mm
    Chainstay: 381mm
    BB: +56mm Rise

    The ride is amazing. Feels great on the rear wheel, with how super stiff it is I can actually feel the tire compressing through my handlebars when pre-loading for a gap. While I'm still learning front wheel stuff this bike actually feels like it's meant to do it. BUT I can still bunnyhop it fairly well without pedal strokes.

    It's a fairly light frame, so I'm running it with a downtube protector for when I bash it. As light as the bike is it's still extremely strong and I'll be beating the crap out of it.

    If you have any questions about trials bikes, and why we ride these things please feel free to message me!!!


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