Schwinn Suburban Resto-Commuter

  • Grabbed the pic off another forum. Mine is a dark chocolate brown with gold accents/pinstripes on fenders.[​IMG]
    $10 Salvation Army bike.
    This puppy is rock solid!
    I think the brakes and levers are Weinmann, have not got
    all the corrosion/crude off yet.
    Same with the derailers, might be Shimano, can't tell yet.
    But I hate the original steel rims!
    Cannot keep the buggers straight for more than a few
    weeks just riding on pavement!
    Over-the-winter restoration about to begin.
    Starting with some killer old alloy Weinmanns'.[​IMG]
    Any clues as to where I can find Schwinn paint and decals
    would be greatly appreciated!


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