Simple Electric Trike

  • Build time, 20 minutes.

    600 Watt front hub motor, 20 in.

    50 amp controller

    36V 12 ah battery pack, usually carry two of them.

    Real Speed, 15 mph (Maximum safe speed on ANY 3 wheeled trike) without pedaling.

    Range, about 15 miles per battery pack. without pedaling. This is including hills, grades, rough roads, stop and go.

    The Hub can be of any size. There is 16 all the way up to the big 700c. Since it's not anything done to the rear of the bike, that same kit fits almost any 20 in bike or trike. I chose the trike because it's also the most comfortable when you go to clock in some miles. Going 25 miles on any bike is and adventure. This one does the 25 miles in about an hour and a half with no sweat. In fact, it's tough to sweat on it since the wind keeps you cool no matter how hot it is outside. Can anyone say, Sun Block?

    The 20 in makes the most sense for 3 wheelers. The problem is, a 26 in 3 wheeler will be hitting 20+ mph. Not a place one wants to be on any 3 wheeler stock bike. When the road is tilted one way or the other, you are sitting up too high and it feels like you are going to fall over. The 20 sits almost flat since you are lower to the ground. The rollover rate of the 26 is legendary. Since the 20 has a lower center of gravity, it gives you warning and it's easy to correct.

    The figures I gave are real. I clocked 14 miles this morning doing parts runs and getting lunch. I still have plenty of juice in the battery pack. Since I have two battery packs, I won't bother to charge either until tonight. 5 hour charge times on the packs. I own more than one charger [​IMG] .

    Compared to the bikes coming out of the Curry Line, this one will actually do what is claimed. No peddling and you get 15 miles per battery pack charge with juice to spare (not much). 15 mph speed and you still get 15 miles. Stop and go, you get 15 miles. Heavy hills, okay, you can't have it all. This isn't "Up To", "Pedal Assist". This is real motor power.

    And it has some nice wheel spin at almost any spin on the front. It has 600 Watts as compared to most that have only 250 watt. Sorry, Eu, not for you.

    Check out the kits at


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