Stock Trials Bicycle

  • Sorry the picture isn't too close up. I can get another one if y'all would like. This one was taken at an event I did in november.

    I thought you guys might like to see a pure trials bike including all the crazy things we do to it. This is definitely far from most of the bikes on here.

    Strange things trials riders do include:
    -No seat, or even a place to put one. [​IMG] This allows for the complete manipulation of the bicycle. Our goal is not to ride across town, but I can bunny hop onto a loading dock and hop between handrails. Some more street oriented frames do have street capabilities, mine does not.
    -Grind rims. In order to get complete locking power from the magura hyraulic rim brakes we use an angle grinder to create a rough etched surface. I run this in the rear only.
    -Water instead of brake fluid. Water rebounds faster and creates a snappier feel. I use 50/50 water and antifreeze so I can ride in the winter.
    -Single speed for a single purpose.
    -Front freewheel, fixed rear. Many trials riders run a freewheel (mine has 96 engagement points) on the front crank with a fixed rear. My rear hub is fixed and fits the six gears that come bolted together on an 8 spd cassette [​IMG] strange, yes. Effective, yes.
    -Drilled rims. Trials riders use rims that can be as wide as 50mm or 2 inches!!! This provides a stable base so tires don't fold with the low psi used. In order to compensate for the added weight trials rims are often drilled, meaning the area between spoke holes is drilled out. My front rim is slightly drilled, my rear isn't. I am not running a trials specific rim, and at 195 lbs am significantly larger than your average skinny trials rider.

    oh yeah, I didn't put my bash ring in the description. I have a echo full bash ring around my front freewheel to protect from impacts

    Check it out guys, ask any questions on here or contact me through my website:



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