Stone Mountain

  • I don't know a thing about bikes, but ...

    I have a 10 year old Huffy mountain bike that had its space in the garage taken by a very fancy racing truck, so it sat outside under a tarp in the yard for about 2 years. [​IMG] I've decided to get it (and me) back in good shape. Obviously it will need some new parts like tires, tubes, chain, brake pads, etc. Things that have rusted or degraded over the years.

    I realize I'm not your obvious bicycle enthusiast or a person with a lot of extra cash for a brand new bike, but I am very mechanically inclined, and actually I’m looking forward to fixing it up as much as i am riding it with my boys on their bikes. (losing 90lbs will do that to you!)

    I know it's not much by the standards many of you have set, but you may look over and see one of my boys (or even me) on the trail passing you one day [​IMG]



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