Stratus XP

  • I was wondering why I couldn’t find a used Rans Stratus XP. I had to drive 140 miles to get to the closest dealer to test ride one.
    Adam at Midwest Recumbents insisted I ride several different recumbents before making my choice. He took the time to adjust the seat and bars on each one of the bikes before he turned me loose.
    Of all the bikes that I test rode this bike fit me best. No comparison, the Rans Stratus XP is unsurpassed. Love the LWB for riding comfort and lower position of the feet. You will develop your skills of handling as time goes by. The big difference is speed and comfort. The learning curve is a bit steeper than for most recumbents but the ride is far superior and well worth extra time learning to handle this LWB. After a few miles you will find the Rans Stratus XP to be a wonderful riding bike. So smooth, so easy to ride and let us not forget it is very comfortable and very fast. Now I know why it is so difficult to find a used XP. There is nothing to upgrade to! O`~~O


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