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  • Steelframe bike has been lowered 14" and stretched 18.5" crank and BB relocated forward 18" has 2 sets of bb.

    Original has on left side 35t sprocket for 420 chain and is freewheel style. Right side has 2 sprockets one to connect to crank which is a 34t 2nd to connect to rear wheel which is 39t.

    Crank and chainwheel relocated 18' forward to give adult rider same as original position leg room is a 40t freewheel w/171mm crank arms of polished alloy.

    Rear wheel has a 27t freewheel, all sprockets on right side of bike use 428hd MC chain and on left side of bike use 420MC chain.

    Engine is a full 80cc 3 speed semi-automatic 3 speed, Yamaha Power source. System has neutral light to show when in neutral. But also 3 freewheels to enable either petrol power and left pedals coast. Or in Engine dies or you just want to pedal bike. [​IMG] On left of bike is 35t freewheel so no lockup if sudden problem (engine dies...) just start pedalling until you can secure bike and review issue. Of course there is free wheel at rear wheel and also at crank/chainwheel.

    Bike has full lighting. Honda Rectifier is used for charging and with Honda Boss Tank of over 11 liter fuel an enhanced ride distance we have found over 500+ Km's Never actually quiet emptied tank as I created a large Reserve area. Would really like to try as it is 745 Km's Chiang Mai to Bangkok...

    Now to explain to those wondering... [​IMG]

    This Bike was bought new in 1984 and everytime we came State-Side and something broke our kids and family just took toM/C shop and they either cut -out or bypassed and saved rider at the time money... go figure... [​IMG]

    We found out when wife went to market and to stop bike she had to quickly use choke to kill engine.... I shelved bike and winterized it for a rainy day... it only had 28,000 km's on engine... still new!

    I was building chopper Bicycle and getting ready to order China motor for project.... and this old Lady from corner of workshop started calling me one night.. I actually had gone to bed and was awoken by the "Belle" as we called her. I went done at 3 am in morning and hauled her out to check out... Wife came and shuffled me back to bed.

    Well to finish headset in from Yamaha bell, front forks are Honda 3 Tee is from Bell useing bicycle disc brakes and bicycle rim tire up front yes they fit! sealed bearings. Rear has 17"x3/5" MC tire rim and 10g spokes mounted to special steel bicycle rim 36G with sealed bearings disc brake and 27t freewheel gear set. Actually 17"x3.5" is close to bicycle tire of 24"x2". has safety neutral light, uses original Miller bicycle Dyno nHeadlight and tail light from my first bike is Seattle 50 years ago. Modified it has 2 halogen 6V panasonic screw in flash light bulbs uses both for high beam and upper for low. uses 2 element tail light bulb for rear uses 6V #91 bulbs for turn lights.

    It is really nice to have lighting, anytime while on Bike here in Thailand! Those of you who have been here know how street lighting Sucks and Cars for some reason don't like bicycles. But if you hit horn they jump...out of the way... Have no Idea what you are! hahaha!

    Also for those of you wondering each lever has switch for brake light and also uses original style cable. If I end up needing more braking I have a dual shoe drum brake from Japan that will tread on rear hub and is disc vented for heat. And 6V horn dual mirrors on side of tank its says it Thai...
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