The New SS/ SE Draft

  • I purchased her in late December 2012; this was going to be my first bike in almost 20-years; even though I had spent most of my youth (age 10 to early 20\'s) racing BMX for local shops/manufacturers in San Francisco Bay Area,those 20-years had proven that my stamina and general physical conditioning were in sad shape!!

    When I bought the bike, she was a bone stock 2012 Draft; weighing in at a whopping 27.40lbs (12.40kgs)!! Pushing her around was not a fun task, so I set about upgrading her.

    Today, the only parts that came from SE Racing are the frame, fork, and front brake caliper, and she has shed about 6 lbs; currently she weighs in at a much more svelte 21.6 lbs and I can now easily push her up the steepest hills here in Oakland. One of my favorite runs is from my house in Oakland, near Lake Merritt, up Broadway to Tunnel Road, up to Grizzly Peak Drive, Grizzly to Tilden Regional Park, then out to Berkeley Marina and home via West Oakland/Jack London, about 43 miles total.

    All I say is that getting a bike and building her to what she is today (Nov. 2013); has been the best thing I have done for myself in years~!


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