The Workhorse

  • This will all be new to me. I've done the forum thing before, but with the 4 wheeled variety.
    I moved to a city after living in a rural area for 22 years, so the only biking that got done when I lived at home was leisurely. Living in the city, biking is a much more effective way of getting around, and it's also a lot less expensive for a starving student such as myself. My aunt is currently allowing me to borrow her bike, and so it does all of the work right now. From commuter to grocery getter, I've even thrown parts of bicycles (and almost whole bicycles) over the handle bars and ran home with them, so to call it the workhorse, seems appropriate.
    I've been wanting my own set of two wheels, and throughout the summer I started picking up bikes that were thrown out for trash; collecting parts, discarding thing I didn't need, and I now almost have a complete bike. I'm only missing a rear rim. It won't be a glamourous mode of transportation, and my hope is to sell it for a few dollars, and set it aside for 'repair money' for other bikes that require some work I cannot do myself. I'll post another thread about that bike, which is what has me here to begin with.
    So I look forward to getting to know you all, and the forum, and I hope that my love of bicycles continues to grow as I think it will!


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