• My Thorn Raven Tour is now a few days older than 3 years and has completed some 12000 miles.

    She copes with all my day to day riding and shopping and tows a trailer most days ( and all the time when on camping tour)

    I find the Rohloff hub to be a fantastic improvement over Deraileur gears with very little weight increase. Much reduced maintenance and nice "granddad gears" for me. It is actually geared down, by chain drive and rear sprocket selection, for touring under full load -- so my top speed before I spin out, on local cycling, is a maximum of about 40 kph /25 mph -- but at 72 I am hardly a speedster!

    I I have done 3 tours with this velo and I am very happy with it. We slotted together on day 1 and she is totally reliable in response and comfort!


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