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  1. General Bike Discussion
    Yesterday I had a flat on the front of my Absolute 1.0 I took it to the bike shop for its 100 mile ajust and to get the flat fixed, it has a disc brake. when he put the wheel back on it was making a screeching sound when spun it, so he mest with the alinement of the wheel, all is good he said...
  2. General Bike Discussion
    This new Fuji Absolute 1.0 is putting a hurt on me, my but is sore my legs are sore and my back is hurting, The old Cannondale quick 6 didn't treat me this way, 35 mile ride was easy . I have bin making some ajustments but I don't know. I think the legs hurt from the 175 crank the back maybe a...
  3. General Bike Discussion
    My Fuji, Absolute 1.0 arived. I call it a flat bar road bike some might call it a hybrid. Some specs main frame ----- Fuji altire 2 fork -------------- FC-770 carbon trekking crankset --------- fsa gossamer, 30/39/50T bottom bracket - FSA mega EXO Front derailleur - Shimano FD-R773, 31.8mm rear...
  4. Fixed & Singlespeed
    Well while I am waiting fo my Absolute 1.0 to come in I have bin thinking I would like a single speed. this is not a bike I think I would use a lot. So I looked on bikes direct thay have an SST1 speed that has what I want and it is only $299 shiped it has brakes F&R, crommoly frame & fork, a...
1-4 of 4 Results