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  1. Activism / Safety
    4 cities and 23 states have a 3' Law or a Safe Passing Law or Ordinance. Ironically 2 of the cities, Austin and San Antonio, Texas have a 3' Ordinace in a state that vetoed the bill at the state level. Boise, Idaho and Tupelo, Mississippi have the ordinance as well with no legislation at the...
  2. Activism / Safety
    I strongly disagree with a few things in this article. They are quotes from the politicians. The first is the quote that says: "I don’t think any motor-vehicle operator wants to run over a cyclist" That is not true at all. I have met motorists who have bluntly stated they do want to run over a...
  3. Activism / Safety
    A cyclist in Miami was plowed on the causeway down there, left for dead, while the bike was dragged by the car; some say a few blocks, others say 4 miles. The driver was drunk, a habitual scofflaw, and not even a citizen! The cyclist died at the scene. There was a delay of 22-30 minutes...
  4. General Bike Discussion
    City may adopt bike-sharing program By Gustavo Reveles Acosta / El Paso Times Posted: 01/08/2010 12:00:00 AM MST EL PASO -- Rented bicycles could soon zip through the Downtown as Sun Metro moves forward with plans to establish the state's first shared-ride program. Under the proposed program...
  5. Activism / Safety
    This will be extremely one sided. It is my view of steve king. I do not like him, that will be apparent. You may disagree with me if you wish, but please keep it respectful. Bicycle Advocacy and Safety: steve king does not support safe roadways!
  6. Activism / Safety
    Maybe this year we'll get this passed. It should be easier now that it has passed the Senate and one item is already covered under another law. The Iowa Bicycle Coalition is again gearing up to try to get state lawmakers to pass a bicycle safety law in 2010. A bill backed by the Bicycle...
1-6 of 6 Results