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  1. General Bike Discussion
    Hi, we are preparing this touring trip and we are looking for a good two frames (man and woman) and I´d love to know experiences and brands from people who has done long distances touring Thanks
  2. Introductions
    Hi Everybody Just want to say hi. I'm a 53 year old veterinarian from Fairbanks. I ride an old Falcon roadbike by Ernie Clement that I bought in Norfolk when I was in the Navy in 1978. Been high and low in between, working on restoring it and ride to work 20 miles once or twice a...
  3. General Bike Discussion
    Hi All; I have a 25 year old bike with a Sugino super maxy crank I need to find this 53 tooth big ring to keep it going. Sugino Mighty Competition chainring. Any Help is appreciated, Mark May
1-3 of 3 Results