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bike legislation
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  1. Activism / Safety
    There are a couple of law makers in Iowa who think this is a partisan issue and as such are against the Bicycle Safety Bill. Therefore they are holding it up on purpose so it can not be debated with the hope it will die or not make it through this year. This is not true and is foolish nonsense...
  2. Activism / Safety
    This has a few more steps to go before beign signed into law but it has passed this subcommittee. Link: Bicycle Safety Bill Passes Subcommittee
  3. Activism / Safety
    I strongly disagree with a few things in this article. They are quotes from the politicians. The first is the quote that says: "I don’t think any motor-vehicle operator wants to run over a cyclist" That is not true at all. I have met motorists who have bluntly stated they do want to run over a...
1-3 of 3 Results