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  1. Professional Cycling
    Hello! Please consider completing this short, 10 minutes or less, anonymous survey. I need at least 50 participants for my class to graduate. I would really like to hear from professionals in cycling. Your input is extremely valuable!! It would be a huge help. I thank y'all in advance :)...
  2. Road Bikes
    I have been using Michelin PRO Race2 and 3 for the past few years and have been quite satisfied but there are so many others to choose from. I'm getting ready to mount the wheels for spring even though riding is still a month away. I will be getting new tires and I am itching to try something...
  3. Fixed & Singlespeed
    HI, I'M Looking to buy these tires, infinity armadillos, the size they give me is 700c & 27x1-1/4, can some body help me break this down, so i could kinda figure out if they could fit my wheels, thanks alot
1-3 of 3 Results