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  1. Road Bikes
    Hey everyone, new poster here. I have been riding eggbeaters on my road setup for quite some time now. I really like them for general all purpose riding, but this past weekend i went for my first 90 miler with the University bike team. Had no real problems keeping up but realized i want some...
  2. Beginners Forum
    after years of riding with toe clips, i have decided to give my big toes a break and buy clip less pedals and shoes. i am 75 yrs old (76 in two more weeks) and enjoy riding bike-a-thons in new york, philadelphia and connecticut (avg. distance 35-45 miles). i average 50 miles a week on flat...
  3. Mountain Biking
    Ive been using spds on my roadbike for about six months now, and I recently switched them to my mountain bike (I replaced platform pedals). I also have a pair of Eggbeaters that came off a trek mountain bike that I havent used yet. Which do yall prefer? What advantages do Eggbeaters have over...
1-3 of 3 Results