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  1. Road Bikes
    This is my first post, so hello! I am in the process of buying a commuter/road bike. I already have a regular road bike, but it doesn't accept a rack and I don't like backpacks. I have about a five mile ride to work with some hills. I may want to hit some dirt roads on the way. Am looking...
  2. Road Bikes
    I have been cycling as a hobby/for exercise/commute to work regularly since 2006. My annual routine seems to be as such: -Springtime comes, start to ride -Ride every day in the summer (~1 hour (15 miles), some longer rides) -Ride most days in the fall (~1 hour) -Gets cold, stop riding I started...
  3. Road Bikes
    I ride between 6 and 12 miles to work every day depending on the route that I take (and how early I got up), and I often do 20-30 miles on the way home because I don't really need to be anywhere by a certain time. I ride whether it's -20* outside, the roads are icy, or it's snowing or raining...
1-3 of 3 Results