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  1. Training / Health
    Received this today in mailshot and thought it might be useful to some folks...
  2. Road Bikes
    Faster is Safer! My Sister-in-Law just can't understand, why I feel that going faster, on a bicycle, is safer. "30 mph!" ... "You're gonna kill your self!". ... I feel it necessary to prove that faster is safer. Let me try a mathematical approach. First, let me qualify; 1. My riding is in...
  3. General Bike Discussion
    More Bikers Equals Safer Cycling | Wend Blog Interesting Article.
  4. Activism / Safety
    This has a few more steps to go before beign signed into law but it has passed this subcommittee. Link: Bicycle Safety Bill Passes Subcommittee
  5. Activism / Safety
    I strongly disagree with a few things in this article. They are quotes from the politicians. The first is the quote that says: "I don’t think any motor-vehicle operator wants to run over a cyclist" That is not true at all. I have met motorists who have bluntly stated they do want to run over a...
  6. Road Bikes
    This is just a reminder since it is getting closer to riding season - be careful out there everyone!! :( Teen Guilty of Killing Cyclist
1-6 of 6 Results