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  1. General Bike Discussion
    Would you like a pizza after cycling? Share the joy of eating pizza with your family.
  2. General Bike Discussion
    I think, bobbing the head up and down by the ears is one of the bad habits.
  3. General Bike Discussion
    Do you prefer to ride in the suburbs, or the city?
  4. General Bike Discussion
    I want to buy a cycling equipment to my friends by Chtistmas gift, he like cycling, do you have any suggestions?
  5. General Bike Discussion
    We're already cold here, and now we need to wear long pants for all our rides to avoid catching a cold after exercise without keeping warm.
  6. General Bike Discussion
    In Autumn, the roads are particularly leafy. When we ride fast, these leaves can easily make our car skid, which is something we should be very careful about. Of course, it is getting darker earlier, the light is also very important for us. Any other suggestions for fall riding?
  7. General Bike Discussion
    Join the Santic Cycling Club, where a random winner from the top 30 weekly cycling leaderboards will get every week giveaway, worth $319.77 The giveaway package includes: 1. Santic Winter Ear Protection Hat-$12.79 2. Santic Noah Men's Jersey-$39.99 3. Santic Walton Ⅱ Men's Winter Tight-$66.99...
  8. General Bike Discussion
    Which brand of cycling Jerseys is the best cost-effectiveness?I recently saw Santic doing activities, have bought friends, can tell me how the quality of their clothes? Is there a better price/performance ratio than it.
  9. General Bike Discussion
    I like to do cycling and I want to lose weight through cycling. But my friend told me about cardio instead of cycling, since cycling burns calories at a much slower rate. Is it true? So what's better to lose calories faster, cycling or other exercises?
  10. Florida Bike Forum
    I just got my bike for a month now and want to break in some miles on it and go to the beach and tour around some, not too far I don't yet have a gps bike computer, but it seems hard to find bikers near me in the treasure coast anyone interested?
  11. General Bike Discussion
    A bit about me first...I'm constantly burning out on my rides. I live near Derbyshire / Buxton in the UK. Great for cycling and working towards an endurance race in September. My first time cycling and an ex squash player thought I could keep the duration going but oh no. Different set of...
  12. General Bike Discussion
    Google adds bike routes to online maps - Sweet.
  13. Activism / Safety
    First it was a former Iowa senator who shall not be named. Then it was the counties and thier insurance company, then a safety coalition. Now it is Iowa-Nebraska Equipment Dealers, or INED. I have to wonder who is next at trying to resrict or ban cyclists in Iowa from the roadways? Here is the...
  14. Industry News
    Portes du Soleil Tour – 26th to 27th June 2010 The MTB trek around France and Switzerland will take you on a discovery trip of the Portes du Soleil and its stunning landscape. There are 3 different circuits (35,50 and 75km) and each circuit includes ski lifts...which means less hard work and...
  15. General Bike Discussion
    Morzine is at the centre of one of the worlds biggest MTB areas – the Portes du Soleil which includes 12 linked resorts, 650kms of signposted bike paths, 5 bike parks, dozens of downhill runs, trial circuits and biker cross. So whether you are starting out, a hardened X country rider or a manic...
  16. General Bike Discussion
    Hello- My name is Olivia and I'm currently a student at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA.. I'm currently working on a design project for an exhibit specific to Bianchi. Right now, I'm in the researching phase, trying to figure out why people ride Bianchi and what makes them...
  17. Beginners Forum
    I have a wild hair up my arse to build a bike that I can ride in downtown Sacramento. I would like to build a "Fixie" I would not mind getting my hands on a vintage frame at a reasonable price. I have been looking on my local craigslist classifieds: jobs, housing, personals, for sale, services...
  18. New Member Introductions
    Hello all, Just want to give a shout out to everyone here. I'm a cycling fanatic up here in Montreal, Canada. I just completed my first year of road racing and now I'm addicted! I ride a Red/Black 2006 Bianchi 928. Sure, it's not the legendary Bianchi celeste color, but the red matches my team...
  19. General Bike Discussion
    I will admit it. I play rockband when i'm on my bike trainer. After 90 minutes or so, I like to think I'm sweaty from a mere 115bps workout, but i think its the perspiration from headbanging to some of the classics. For those of us who choose to train indoors, or live in areas of the world...
  20. New Member Introductions
    Awesome to be affiliated with TwoSpoke. For those of us who incorporate indoor training in to our regimen, we have created Welcome to Race Day Rush. Up here in Canada, we use the cold weather as an excuse for indoor training. 6ft of snow doesn't make for good trail riding in the winter...
1-20 of 21 Results